Mirror Mirror

I’ve found them. My person. My other half. My everything. I’ve found them after 8 years of searching. They’ve made Breathing Spring seem like child’s play as I find myself preferring the sound of the rain over a bright spring day or the moon’s delicate energy over the booming sun’s. I never got to finish that puzzle but I don’t care, I found something better. I found a love that has it all. I found the truly unconditional kind of love where there’s days when you just can’t take it anymore but you stay. You stay because you love them and you wouldn’t do anything to hurt them. There’s days when you get so angry you just want to rip your hair out but in the back of your mind you can’t wait to see them smile again. I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with because they’re beautiful, intelligent, extraordinary, and so many other incredible things that no one has the time to read about. Even though they have their insecurities, negative habits, and sometimes an attitude problem, they have proven to be one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. They’re the one who has truly taught me to breathe Spring, they’re the reason this awful year is still amazing for me, they’re the beauty I see every day. They’re the reason for my utter happiness. They’re name is Janaira and she is my new favorite person.

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