Breathing Spring

I feel the breath of spring enter my body as your lips part from mine. I open my eyes to see your smile that feels like the warm sun on my skin. Your strong arms protect and  comfort me so it’s like laying in a meadow of white tulips. My favorite. It’s bright here where I am and it just feels right. When I’m with you the puzzle pieces fit perfectly together. I’m close to finishing it to finally see the image. I always like to surprise myself with puzzles. I don’t look at the picture first so I can see which pieces fit where. You don’t know it, but somehow you’ve made the puzzle so much easier. Your laugh, smile, dad jokes, and unreasonable emotional attachments to movies somehow make me feel like nothing could ruin my days as long as I see your face. It’s kind of terrifying. I’m trying to move slowly but I want to keep this feeling of invincibility. How do you do that? After so many dark phrases and stories that have roamed in my mind and heart you found the light. You made it a gorgeous spring day when, for months, all I could see was rain. This is crazy, right? How do I already feel like this? I’m not sure but I hope you don’t take away the sunshine and flowers. I hope you can step into this season with me and, hand in hand, we watch the flowers bloom together. I hope we have time to lay in the grass and compare cloud shapes so I can hear your voice. I really hope your kisses keep breathing fresh air into me. I hope we can finish this puzzle together. You don’t have to do much, I’m over halfway there… it’s starting to look like the most amazing season I’ve ever seen.

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