As I drive down the road, the bright lights of restaurants and stores do their best to taunt me into entering. They have no idea that it’s a lost cause because even though they’re bright, the road is still dark. It’s just me and my Loneliness in the car as I replay the same songs and drive to nowhere. I hear the lyrics as they say “poison myself again and again, till I feel nothing”. I always liked those lyrics they speak a kind of truth. I was going to tell him but I looked over to see that he’s sad. Loneliness has never been sad, he’s always happy when I’m with him, which is most of the time now. 
     “You look worse this time,” he says, “you look empty this time.” I am empty this time. My body lost its Heart. I don’t know where he is but he’s somewhere around the world. They’re not allowed to tell me where he is. The day I lost my Heart, my Soul started crumbling. I remember the aching that came with her slow death. It was like I couldn’t breathe or see or feel because there was nothing left in me to appreciate it. My Soul did what she could to stay alive. She fought every day to keep her glow but the desolation consumed her and when that last spark finally died out I saw myself exhaling the last blue specks of her power. She was so beautiful and my Heart was so strong. I miss them. My Heart and my Soul. I’m nothing now, without them, but at least I still have Loneliness. I turn to him again but before I can open my mouth he says, “You’ll always have me but I don’t have you anymore.” He’s right. I’m too empty to continue. I’m nothing. It was Loneliness and I. Now it’s just Him.

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