Rainy Day Cafe

     Sitting in warm cafe observing the people around me, I answer my own personal questions about life. The cold and rainy weather has brought in a lot of new customers to be victims of my people watching (and slight judging). Of course, there’s the one person who’s glued to their phone and is ruining the quality time they have with their significant other or friend. There’s the person who clearly late for something and rushing to order their coffee while checking their watch every 30 seconds. The students that sit on their laptops and try to type up late assignments or silly blog articles. Finally, there’s everyone else, just trying to get through this cold, humid day with a cup of coffee and living in their own world. Here I am, watching all of these people and realizing why I don’t belong. Like I said, we’re all stuck in our own worlds. Although we want to act like we’re incredibly selfless, and sometimes we are, most of the time our thoughts don’t involve anyone outside of our own personal bubble. I guarantee no one is walking around wondering if the girl typing on her computer should follow her English Major or her Theatre Major. They’re not thinking about what her tattoos mean or why she may be frowning or how she’s felt like an outlier for years. They’re thinking about work, their families, the bills, what they have planned for the week and maybe they glance at her for a second, it at all. But that’s the issue: most of us take life week by week and what are we really doing? We aren’t living our lives the way they’re meant to be lived because we spend them selfishly and don’t do much to improve ourselves. We don’t think about others when the best way to have a happy heart is by showing kindness and trying to make the world a better place. We stress and worry about work and school when we should be grateful that we have the opportunity to grow as human beings and travel, eat, drink, etc. around the world. We complain about every little thing when we should be thankful if we have a husband, a wife, a job, kids, and parents because some people aren’t lucky enough to have that. Sitting in this coffee shop, I realize I don’t belong because I think about what all of these facts mean to me and what they mean to other people. I realize that I should never judge a book by its cover and I should always show the best version of myself because I don’t know the life of someone else. We only think like this during holiday seasons but the only way to improve the world, like everyone says they want to, is to think about this all the tine. So go to a cafe and think about it.

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