Yes, it’s a sh*tty world. Here’s how we’ll fix it.

     It’s 2019 y’all. Let me say that again… IT’S 2019. Why are we still having issues with equality? Why are we still having issues with acceptance? Why are we ignoring the issues with the environment? This shouldn’t be a problem, this is a new generation. The reason our environment has suffered is because our ancestors made the world a scary, polluted, and chaotic place for the rest of us and we continue to live in it without doing so much as a retweet to the respect of it.

      We are the generation that we felt the world needed. We have all been convinced that we’re going to change the world. Do you remember that? When our parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins told us “you’re going to make the world a better place when you’re older”. Well news flash: We’re older. We’re not 16 anymore, complaining about high school drama and ignoring the world that surrounds us. We are going into our 20’s and it’s our responsibility to fix everything that us humans have been fucking up since Day 1. 

     So, I’m going to tell it to you straight: if you believe you are better than/inferior to anyone else because of your sexuality, gender, skin color, religion, culture, etc. then you need to open your eyes and open your heart to realize that is NOT true. We are EQUAL. We all have dreams, families, lovers, aspirations, things to do, places to go, we all have LIVES. WE ALL MATTER. WE, THIS generation, have to get that through the thick skulls of those who have come before us. That’s the only way that those who are different or who are minorities can stop putting all of that energy into trying to be equal and put it into saving this environment for OUR FUTURE. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to bring any children into a world full of hate and inequality, or to a planet that’s going to die because I didn’t take care of it. So, get out of your room or off your bed or off your couch and get out of your house and CHANGE. THE. WORLD. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Clean up a local park, beach, or lake 
  2. Buy biodegradable products 
  3. Stop using plastic water bottles
  4. Recycle (duh) 
  5. Volunteer 
  6. Be kind 
  7. Sign petitions 
  8. Consider how you could use your major to fix the world 
  9. Pray or Meditate
  10. Be authentic 
  11. Don’t waste food or water 
  12. Go to a third world country and volunteer 
  13. Support a good charity 
  14. Donate clothes and canned goods 
  15. Work on yourself 
  16. Minimize your carbon footprint 
  17. Plants flowers, trees, or your own garden 
  18. Achieve your goals
  19. Help a friend achieve their goals 
  20. Listen to people more 
  21. Spend less time on your phone and more time paying attention to others 
  22. Adopt an animal 
  23. Give advice to those who are younger than you 
  24. Love each day to the fullest 
  25. Reach out to officials about issues in your town or city
  26. Know that you are enough 
  27. Spread love 
  28. Celebrate the success of others without envy 
  29. Don’t let pain consume you 
  30. Take shorter showers 
  31. Pick up litter
  32. Keep your word
  33. Give sincere compliments
  34. Believe in yourself more 
  35. Believe in the world more 

     I didn’t write this so that you could think “Oh my gosh, Jan, YESS, go off!!” No. I wrote it so that you could save it to your bookmarks RIGHT NOW and look at it every day and think about how you will fix this world. We can complain all we want about this world, but WE are the only ones who can fix it. So what are you going to do?


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